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"Get close to nature, let go of the mood" - Huachen summer outdoor picking barbecue

  In order to enrich the life of employees, promote the physical and mental health of employees, be close to nature, enhance team cohesion, and achieve more goals and tasks of the company with more energy. On May 26th, the company carried out outdoor fruit picking and barbecue activities in “close to nature and release mood”. The atmosphere was very warm, and the staff and family members who participated in the event were full of energy and exuberant.



  The team that traveled started at 8 o'clock on time, and everyone laughed and laughed and reached the destination in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. When you get out of the car, the green eyes are full of eyes, and you are very refreshed, and the fruits are fragrant and refreshing. Fresh and pleasant air, one step at a time, everyone stretches their body and mind, and they are happy.


  The cherry shed is full of vitality. The green leaves and the red cherries are like red pearls embedded in the green leaves. It is very exciting. Everyone or three people, or five people, come out. The camera and mobile phone record this beautiful and happy moment. In addition to the cherry, there are nectarines, apricots, peaches and melons in the garden. The laughter in the shed is continuous. Everyone enjoys life, conceives work and enjoys in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Heart communication, a bright smile on my face. After more than an hour of picking, everyone was sweating and harvesting.



  The logistics personnel responsible for this event went to the event site to prepare carefully, and purchased the barbecue food, seasoning, and drinks in advance. Colleagues who returned to the barbecue site at the end of the harvest also began to help with washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, wearing skewers, adding charcoal stoves, wrapping tin foil, supporting net racks, etc., and everyone was busy.



  The chefs have shot, fried, burned, stewed, braised, fried, fried, roasted eighteen martial arts, everything, not long after, a delicious savory is placed in front of everyone. Everyone eats and eats while roasting, and they don’t forget to share delicious food between groups. In collaboration and care, they fully enjoy the fun of “doing it yourself, getting enough food and clothing”.



  Through this event, employees have had a close encounter with nature and pastoral life, which not only eliminates the fatigue of employees' daily work and life, but also increases their knowledge, broadens their horizons, delights their mood, and enhances each other. The friendship further inspires everyone to work and live with a high-spirited attitude and a positive and full spirit.


  Recalling the whole event, everyone fully promoted the spirit of teamwork, from the procurement of materials, the cleaning of food, the preparation of meals, and so on. The whole process was completed quickly by everyone. On this day, we are full of enthusiasm. On this day, we work together. On this day, we will remember our hearts. In the days to come, we will go hand in hand, watch and help each other, and work together for Huachen's big family to build a better tomorrow!


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